I was tagged by Heather from BitsNBooks and Adriana of AdrianaGabrielleWrites to name my 10 Favourite Characters On Screen. I’ll be taking from television, movies and games, rather than the usual literary discussion. It’s hard to choose from so many awesome screen characters, but here are my top ten (in no particular order).

Jason_Bourne[1]Jason Bourne

I wasn’t a fan of the books, but Matt Damon’s recreation of the assassin was incredible. He’s confident and skilled, but despite being a deadly weapon for the CIA, the viewer never has anything except empathy for this poor amnesiac who just wants Treadstone to stop hunting him down.

Sherlock Holmes

Of the many Sherlock incarnations throughout the years, Robert Downey Jr’s is probably my favourite. Roguish, charming, an expert fighter and investigator, he embodies both Sherlock’s original brains and every part of his subsequent legends.

Vaas (Far Cry 3)

Say what you will about the Far Cry series, but Michael Mando deserved every one of those BAFTAs for his performance as the mentally unhinged pirate warlord of Rook Island. Despite having a relatively small amount of screen-time in Far Cry 3, he’s easily the most memorable villain you’ll ever play against.

Benjamin Linusben-lost[1]

LOST had a varied cast of many different people, and although its wandering storyline may have lost (heh) its way, Ben – serving as a main antagonist for a long time – was conniving and untrustworthy, and altogether a fantastic character, somehow managing to convince the viewer that his cause was just.

Jack Sparrow

Who doesn’t love the swashbuckling rogue of the seas? An anti-hero with a streak of hero, who does almost everything for his own benefit in his misguided search for immortality and glory, Johnny Depp’s part-bumbling, part-insanely-lucky pirate is incredibly iconic, and never anything short of delightful to watch.



Image by Cysanic5
Image by Cysanic5

Bourbon (Metro 2033)

Guiding the main character of Artyom through several tunnels and close encounters, this ex-bandit has been trying to turn a new leaf, and his rough personality combined with his genuine care for Artyom, makes him one of the best NPCs in the whole game, and an iconic character in the Metro series.

Raymond Reddington

Despite having a solid acting career earlier in his life on Boston Legal, James Spader has launched himself into a new role as the enigmatic, manipulative and ultimately deceitful Reddington. In much the same was Ben Linus, the viewer is tricked into thinking the master criminal is actually a ‘good guy’, when all along he’s just furthering his own agenda.


Edmund Blackadder

This list needs some laughter, and Rowan Atkinson’s comedy series, Blackadder has it in spades. Over four generations, Edmund is a despicable, selfish, manipulative, callous, and ultimately all-around horrible human being willing to do anything to try and advance himself in life – but fails miserably every single time. Surrounded by imbeciles and continually losing status as the seasons go on, Blackadder remains one of my all-time favorite characters to laugh with (and at).




Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed)

Almost all Assassin’s Creed players can agree on this – Ubisoft’s Ezio trilogy was the best arc out of the entire AC universe, and remains to this day, as one of the best character development stories in gaming. Taking a young, hot-headed Italian on a mission of revenge, rebellion and eventually knowledge, Ezio Auditore is a likable, confident rouge who grows into a powerful Assassin who demands respect and awe.




Walter BishopDr-Walter-Bishop-in-1x02-The-Same-Old-Story-walter-bishop-20451675-1360-768

You should have known that a FRINGE character would sneak onto my list, and taking out my tenth spot is John Noble’s impressive performance of Walter Bishop, a once-genius scientist reduced to a shell of his former being, and a man who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders – in more ways than one.

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