Hi everyone! A few days ago, blogger Briana Morgan came up with a nifty idea – a writing playlist that she listens to when writing her Wattpad novel, BLOOD AND WATER. I’m currently editing my own WIP, THE BUREAU OF TIME, and decided to make my own playlist, hosting it on Spotify for everyone to enjoy!

Many of these songs come from the same artist, so it’s not a true soundtrack in that regard. You can think of it as my ‘favorite songs’ to listen to while editing. Of course, The Bureau of Time is still a top-secret project, at least for another month or two, when I’ll start my beta-reading process. But you might get a feel for the novel by listening to my playlist – and who knows! It might even help you with your own Work in Progress.

I tried to create a mix of rock and alt, blending faster and slower songs. There are 24 songs, and it comes in at just under 90 minutes long.

You can listen to this playlist on Spotify Desktop or Spotify Web Player.

The Bureau of Time Soundtrack

Opening – an easy song to get me started.

English Town – Matchbox Twenty

Kick Off – some rockier songs to start the creative juices flowing.

Demons – Imagine Dragons

Radioactive [Remix] – Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar

Wastelands – Linkin Park

Cool Down – taking a step back, dialing down the excitement for some tension.

These Are the Words – James Blunt

It Comes Back To You – Imagine Dragons

Step It Up – four songs back-to-back to hammer home a thrilling fight scene or two!

I’m So Sorry – Imagine Dragons

Friction – Imagine Dragons

LOST IN THE ECHO – Linkin Park

Final Masquerade – Linkin Park

The Aftermath – a series of slower songs to ease into the tail end of a chapter/scene.

Best Laid Plans – James Blunt

Same Mistake – James Blunt

The Unknown – Imagine Dragons

Wake Up! – the two-part rock ballad from Paramore starts things up again.

Let The Flames Begin – Paramore

Part II – Paramore

And Back Down – see how we’re doing this? Fast and slow, action and reaction. It’s a nice pace to settle into.

Lost+ – Coldplay ft. Jay-Z

Trail of Broken Hearts – James Blunt

Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) – Coldplay

Final Stand – two more Paramore songs for some soft rock, maybe the last action-oriented part of a scene or chapter.

(One Of Those) Crazy Girls – Paramore

Feeling Sorry – Paramore

The Distrust – nothing like a good anti-government song from R.E.M. to drop a bombshell on our characters.

Houston – R.E.M.

Could I Be You – Matchbox Twenty

The Outro – wrapping up with two powerful (and little-known) songs, one goosebumps-inducing song from R.E.M., and the odd almost-folksy Goldrush to finish the playlist.

Hallelujah – R.E.M.

The Goldrush – Coldplay


So, that’s my playlist! Feel free to add or remove songs to better fit your own style and pace. I tried to create a balance between the earlier aggressive sounds, and the softer, more contemplative songs later on. There’s something there for every scene or chapter. If you missed the link earlier, you can listen to the playlist on Spotify Desktop or Spotify Web Player.

Once again, I’d like to thank Briana for coming up with this idea! If you have any comments or questions, leave them below!