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There are some books in the world that I will probably never read. This is a contentious type of list, bound to generate a storm of contradicting opinions, so bear with me – and if you think you can convince me otherwise, please leave a comment at the end of the post!

A Clash of Kings (or anything else ASOIAF)

I’m sorry, I just don’t ‘get’ A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s an average epic fantasy with a muddied backstory, a roster of dry, boring characters, and enough sexual content to take on Fifty Shades of Gray. I’ve read A Game of Thrones, and that’s where my journey to Westeros will end.

The Dark Tower Series

I know it’s been floating around on my TBR list for a long time, but the series represents a substantial time commitment that I don’t think I can afford – especially considering that almost all of the online reviews bluntly state that you have to read at least the first three books before anything ‘exciting’ starts happening.

Pride and Prejudice

Or Sense and Sensibility. My school curriculum attempted to make me read Emma, and that alone scarred me. I can appreciate classic literature, but I couldn’t force myself to suffer through an Austen novel again (sorry Austen fans).

Twilight Saga

I have read Twilight, and (simply because I felt obligated to), I’ve watched all (five?) movies in the saga, but at least I could doze through the films. The book wasn’t as bad as the film adaptation, but considering how terrible the rest of the films were, I’ll be steering clear of the whole sparkly-vampire series.

Vampire Academy Series

Maybe I just have an issue with vampires. After the whole Twilight thing, I got scared off anything that involved vampires and complicated YA love triangles between supernatural beings. Just the book covers for the VA series warn me to steer clear – hopefully I’m not missing out on anything, but it’s a risk I’m okay taking.

Fifty Shades of Gray Series

This is basically a free vote on a list like this. I appreciate what E.L. James has managed to achieve, and that millions of housewives enjoyed her books, but considering they started life as Twilight fan fiction, it wasn’t as though they had far to stray from the target market (just adding a decade or two to the prospective age category).

Anything by Nicholas Sparks

I’m basing this on his films (which he has a substantial role in bringing to life). All his films appear to be the same general concept repackaged in a different way – a damaged hunk of a guy with a dark backstory (that’s not that dark) meets a simple, unassuming girl who doesn’t realize her own beauty. Something something fall in love, something something break up, something something realize they’re eachother’s One True Love.

War and Peace

Back to the classic literature – like I said, I respect classics (I’ve always loved A Tale of Two Cities), but the daunting word count of War and Peace is enough to turn me away, and that’s before you start looking at reviews. It is – or was – a greatly important piece of literature, but I think reading should be enjoyable and approached enthusiastically, not with gritted teeth and a feeling of obligation.

Any Horror from Stephen King

Accidentally picking on King twice in one list. I absolutely hate horror – I’m a nervous wreck normally, I scare easy just from people walking into a room too quickly. The concept of deliberately putting yourself through a horror film/book is terrifying to me.

The Bourne Series

I’ve talked about this before. I absolutely love the Bourne Film Franchise (even if the fourth film was a little below par). It was a thrilling ride of action and conspiracy, while the novel is a dense snoozefest that lost me after about three run-on chapters’ worth of Bourne smoking in a hotel room (I’m serious). Out of desperation, I flicked ahead to the back half of the book, hoping to see if the pace changed, but sadly it didn’t. I’ll just go and rewatch Bourne Supremacy instead…


Okay folks, that’s it! This list makes me feel bad, because some of the choices are based on rumors and gut instinct, while others are based on personal preference.

As usual, use your best judgment, and if you think I’ve made the wrong choice, let me know! If you have your own list, share it!

Thanks for reading!