We are now halfway through 2015, and there have been some stunning novels released this year, ranging from dystopian fantasies like Red Queen, to grimdark fantasies such as The Vagrant, and dozens more in-between.

But there are still seven months left in 2015, and plenty more novels to arrive in bookstores – here are my Top Three picks in the coming months:


Ten Thousand Skies Above You

In case you somehow missed my glowing review for A Thousand Pieces of You, this excellent series about alternate dimensions is getting a sequel in November, and I simply can’t wait for its release!


An excellent-sounding YA SF that has a gorgeous cover and a clever-sounding plot.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

I reviewed Patrick Ness’ latest YA contemporary earlier this year and absolutely loved it. If you don’t read much contemporary, but want something both heartbreaking and hilarious, watch for this one in August.

Those are my picks!

Of course there are plenty more novels coming out during the rest of the year. Fellow bloggers PaperFury, Diary of a Teen Writer, Loony Literate and MindCrazed have their own lists out, so if you’re looking to fill up your TBR, consider checking them out too!

What are your picks? Leave a comment below, and thanks for reading!