I was tagged by the wonderful Katie of Spiral-Bound for this tag!

Would you rather…

1. Read only trilogies or stand-alones? Hmm, I usually read trilogies, mostly because of YA having a focus on trilogies and series. So I’ll choose trilogies!

2. Read only female or male authors? Do I really have to choose? For some reason there’s far more female YA authors than men, so I think I’d have to choose female, just for the numbers.

3. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon? We don’t have Barnes & Noble in Australia, but the closest comparison is probably Dymocks. I used to be an eBook fan, but then I started buying physical books and I don’t think I can go back. So I’ll choose physical books!

4. All books become movies or TV shows? I’d prefer movies! TV shows have a bad habit of getting cancelled or wandering around from the plot too much. I enjoy seeing book-to-film adaptations!

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week? Well, I’d like to read 5 books per week. I’m a slow reader though, and 1 book a week is the most I can manage at the moment. But I would like to read a lot faster, so I’ll choose 5 books per week!

6. Be a professional reviewer or author? This is an easy one, of course! I’d love to be an author!

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before? These are getting harder all of a sudden! As much as I love my favorite books, I enjoy reading new books a lot more, so I’ll choose books I haven’t read before.

8. Be a librarian or book seller? Hmm. I think I’d choose book seller – being a librarian would be excellent, but I really like telling people about new, awesome books, so I think selling books would be great fun!

9. Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite? Really? Is this a question?! I think I’ll chose my favorite genre – YA SF. There’s so much variety and so many subtle variations that I don’t think I’d ever be bored!

10. Only read physical books or eBooks? This goes back to the Amazon question. I like eBooks, but lately I’ve been appreciating physical books a lot more, and I don’t think I could go back to reading digital only. So I’ll choose physical books.

This was such a fun tag! Lots of difficult questions to answer!

I’m tagging The Writing Badger, Adriana Gabrielle, Rachel Day and Heather Hufford!

Thanks for reading!