Here on my site, I always enjoy interviewing other bloggers from right around the world. Joining me today to discuss all things bookish is none other than Joey of Thoughts and Afterthoughts. This plucky Canadian has been a loyal supporter of mine, and created a fanfiction hashtag for #TheBureauOfTime – #TheBureauOfLamingtons!

Hi Joey! Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions today! Let’s start with a bit about you – where are you from, and what do you do outside of blogging?

Thank you for welcoming me into your home, Brett!

The name’s Joey and I reside in a suburban neighbourhood in Canada. I am your Average Joe (get it?) who binges too much television/film, plays too many games, and an eater of all the food. A weird quirk of mine is that when I find a song I enjoy, I will blast it on repeat until a new song catches my ear.

Tell me about your new blog, Thoughts and Afterthoughts. What can readers expect when they visit your website?

I wouldn’t say it’s a new blog (been at it for almost two years) but a lot of the early process was me blogging within a bubble; doing my own thing without building bridges. While I’ve expanded in terms of content (and network), readers can expect an amalgam of word vomits mixed with the creative intent to continually push thought boundaries. And plenty of wordplay fun (a la snark and badassery) through the choice of diction.

Some of my favourite discussions ranged from Blog Marketing and Blurbs (similar to book blurbs) to talking about Scents of The Male Archetype (i.e. Wood, Musk, Spice).

Why, and when, did you start blogging?

I began the journey to vent—rant, even—about everything good (and bad) that came with what I read. Many of my reviews aren’t accessible for this fact alone; stretching to 2,000 word essay reviews. I’ve [sort of not really] toned it down but transparency usually calls for me to call things out as I see it.

I did have early aspirations on wanting to find a male co-blogger so I could create a hub for guys to discuss all things books (primarily YA as that’s what I 80% of the time reach towards). I won’t say I’ve given up on that intent but finding that person who fits the voice is difficult.

What’s been the best, and worst, things about blogging?

While there’s plenty of good that comes out of blogging, it’s the tangibles of meeting the community in person—at meet-ups or signings—that is the most feels. You’ll have those first awkward minutes of not knowing how you’ll mesh but when it clicks, it’s like you met your new best friend.

In terms of the negatives of blogging, as someone who thrives off discussion writing, it really sucks when ideas don’t materialize. But I guess everything sounds better in your head…?

Let’s talk books again! What genre do you typically read the most of?

I mainly dabble in SF-F and take the occasional detour into Contemporary/Thriller. It all really depends on the blurb to pull me in. I’ll give most books a chance if the blurb does enough to sell me on the premise.

If you could only recommend three books that everyone you know had to read, what would they be?

S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls, and a recently released (but  lesser known) Kevin Sands’ The Blackthorn Key.

What’s something about yourself that people might not immediately know or assume?

I’m a book blogger who doesn’t own any bookshelves. Everything is in boxes or on the floor…

Tricky last question – I know we both loved ZEROES, so if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

If it had to be a super power from ZEROES, I am Anonymous through and through.

But in terms of regular superpowers, I’d love to have control over an element (preferably water). This just goes back to my enjoyment for the Avatar universe.

Thank you so much for coming onto my blog Joey! Where can people find you on the internet?

Thank you for being an awesome host!

You can find more of my nonsense on Twitter (@afterthoughtAn), Blog (, or Goodreads (