Review: My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex

Confession time — I love step-sibling romances. The budding feelings, the hidden relationship, the taboo emotions fighting with lust and love — it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. And yet I’ve never read a step-sibling romance where the characters have already broken up.

Mini-Review: The Executioner and Her Way of Life, Vol 3

It seems impossible for me to talk about this series without gushing praise. Three novels down, this series is a MUST-READ for anyone looking for a change of pace in isekai formulas. A reverse-isekai of sorts, this series follows Menou – an executioner tasked with eliminating Otherworlders from Japan, who enter this world with terrifyingly…

Mini-Review: Love & Lies Vol 1

What if the government arranged your marriage the moment you turned 16? What if you had already fallen in love and wanted to rebel against your fate? In a premise like a YA dystopian novel, Love & Lies is an ecchi romantic drama about a young boy who wants to pursue his own high-school crush,…

Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?, Vol 1

They say pride cometh before the fall, and clearly high expectations cometh before great disappointment. I’d heard great things about this series, but after the first volume, I’m left feeling short-changed like an adventurer after a bad day of monster-hunting.

Mini-Review: Higehiro, Vol 2

A shorter volume than the first, Higehiro Vol 2 steps up to the plate with bolder storytelling and a heavier focus on Sayu’s trauma. While she struggles to understand how people can be nice to her without expecting anything in return, she is gradually changing. Much like an abused animal warming to a caring owner,…

Mini-Review: Higehiro Volume 1

An excellent first volume, with great characters and humour that’s balanced against the dark undertone of Sayu’s life as a runaway. The artwork is impeccable and captures some great energy and emotion, with full-page spreads that create distinctive impressions. The storyline is a little ordinary so far, but Yoshida and Sayu’s interactions are lovely and…

The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria, Vol 1

To say almost anything about The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria, Vol 1, is to dangerously skirt around a minefield of plot spoilers and shocking twists that will leave you breathless. What I can say easily is that this trippy, confusing, and violently arresting novel is brilliant and will stick with me for a while.